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Grand Hotel Lav
The company Grand Hotel Lav Ltd is the owner of the Hotel Complex Lav, the most beautiful and magnificent hotel resort on the Adriatic. The Hotel Complex Lav is situated some 8 km south of Split, and was officially opened in mid December 2006.
Units (rooms and suites)
Guest capacity
Building area in m2
With all the facilities that the Hotel Complex Lav offers, it forms a small village of entertainment and leisure to which it can be said that it is not only a hotel, but a tourist destination in itself.
Le Meridien Lav Hotel
Set along the pristine coastline of the Adriatic sea and featuring clear emerald waters just a stone’s throw from Split, the hotel’s unique setting offers the perfect starting point from which to explore the Dalmatian coast.
Marina Lav
Situated in the very centre of Croatian coast, Marina Lav is anintegral part of the luxurious Le Méridien Lav hotel complex.
Marina Mall
Enjoy all the services in Le Méridien Lav hotel